Question by Will Lee: Would cooperating with other individuals to end a web site that I could not do myself hurt my probabilities as a web designer?
I’ve completed a few of websites, but I have experienced aid from other web designers. Would cooperating with other folks to finish a web site that I could not do myself damage my possibilities as a web designer?

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Reply by Edward Fox
Bascially if you cannot do internet sites with out assistance, then you are not a authentic web designer in the feeling of currently being ready to make income from it

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3 thoughts on “Would cooperating with others to finish a website that I couldn’t do myself hurt my chances as a web designer?”

  1. I assume you meant “Developer”, not “Designer”: the designer makes the looks, the developer makes it work!
    No, on the contrary. The more you mix with other developers (preferably good ones!), the more you learn.

  2. I agree with JR I would take any chance I could to mix with web programmers / designers to learn from them. The more you learn the better you become you can’t know everything straight of you have to be exposed to it. And if this means its comming of other people then fine.

    It doesn’t hurt your chances learn from it remember it and learn more.

  3. Cheer up!

    It’s not wrong to ask to collaborate with others if it means meeting deadlines. The busier you get the more people you need to help you no?

    Depends on the size of the site and user usability which is the biggest % of your time and how much time you have.

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