Question by Cancerette: Will web design nevertheless be a great job for me?
I am a remaining-brained particular person, so web design could involve some creative imagination, which is not what I’m very good at. I CAN be innovative, however, and I can not envision myself undertaking something else in my lifestyle. I could do some programming and web composing on the facet. What do you feel?

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Solution by Chris Nash
just go for it and be confident, do what ever ur dreams are!

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  1. Yes . u have the good career in web designing because today is the world of technology , most of business depends on the technology so i suggest u to continue your carrier in the web design.. good luck

  2. Web design should be a good career for you. With the tools out there these days (Joomla, WordPress, etc.), it is pretty simple to create a website. Creativity plays a big part to make your websites stand out, but there are tons of templates to get you started.

    It would be good to become an expert with an image editing software package, like photoshop. Learn CSS and some PHP and you should be good to go.

    I do some web design on the side. I created my entire web design site in a single day using Joomla.

  3. Congratulations on choosing a career! That is half the battle! When deciding if web design will be a good career for you, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do you have the ability to learn new technologies?

    • Are you comfortable being in front of a computer for a long period of time?

    • Do you enjoy creating something and then watching it come to life?

    • Are you willing to further your education?

    • Are you creative and artistic?

    • Do you have patience?

    • Are you comfortable with technological language?

    Is you answered “yes” to these questions then check it out for sure. You can also find more information at

    Hope this helps!

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