Why don’t schools just teach the basics not just cheap propaganda?

Question by Misanthropic Girl: Why don’t schools just teach the basics not just cheap propaganda?
I mean that why do liberals want to put their spins on things. And I also don’t won’t the conservative spin on education ,either, Why can’t they just teach science and don’t talk about evolution or “intelligent design”. And also I don’t want sex ed. or learn about different sexuality I just want to learn about health. Or different religions and philosophy.
Just teach me the basics and create a website for the rest of the things. A websites that I could go on with my family and talk about these things. Also if a person wants to pray in school, just let them. Why is there such propaganda ,espiecially liberal, in schools? I don’t want either liberal or conservative propaganda in schools.

I’m 15
a Libertarian and probably a Anarchist
since I hate people and goverment so much
The White Rose the kids who have std that stuff some brought it upon themselves
First of all, I wait until I’m in love and hopefully in 20’s and 30’s nit a child
I sorta of agree with the separation of church and state. But I do think that the public school people of ALL religions should be allowed to pray in schools. And I think that people should use their morals ,not the church, to rule the country.

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11 thoughts on “Why don’t schools just teach the basics not just cheap propaganda?

  1. Because your teachers all belong to the NEA, a subsidiary of the Democrat Party. They’re not interesting in teaching you, only in indoctrination. Their primary concern is teacher tenure and retention. Actual teaching was removed from the equation long ago.

  2. I don’t see sex education as a “spin”, given the problems of AIDS, teen pregnancy, etc.

    Putting one’s hands over one’s ears and going LALALALA does not solve serious problems.

    Sex education IS about health, don’t you think?

    As for some other things taught in schools, yeah, sometimes it’s too much I agree.

  3. You DON’T WANT sex ed? LMAO. For real. I think you haven’t thought about this very hard.

    You do realize that birth control is an important part of women’s health. And that many teenage girls take birth control for lots of other reasons besides contraception (e.g., to ease extremely painful cramps).

    You do realize that picking up STDs makes a person very unhealthy. And you do realize that, because sex is normal and human, there’s a very high chance that either you or plenty of people you know are going to be having sex before they’re out of high school? I think it’s a responsible thing to know how to protect your own health.

  4. Because liberals know that they can influence young people, and they hope that they can turn you and your fellow students into people who will be liberals for life, the public schools are starting to turn into indoctrination camps.
    “Give me a child when he is young, and he will be a communist for life”—- Karl Marx
    Liberals are following the same methodology.

  5. Because the liberals do not trust us to take care of ourselves. They want to influence every part of our lives.
    The quality of education has decreased since the govt involved itself into it.

  6. Largely, because liberals really don’t believe in freedom of choice, they are just like the radical right, they only believe in freedom of choice when its their choice.

  7. The schools are run by liberal Marxists, I know because I recently graduated high school and am in college. High school is a nightmare for a conservative. The schools piss all over the consitution, they descriminate against anyone who is NOT black, until you get a lawyer, which is what i had to do to force my public school to give me credit for a theology class I took at a catholic school.

    There reason for not giving it to me in the first place? “the separation of church and state” Which does not exist. The constitution says “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. That has nothing to do with a school giving me credit, I burned those liberal marxists, almost had to sue them but they caved. ha ha

    Judicial activism runs our schools, and so do loony marxists. Do not expect this to change. Liberals need to indoctrinate because they do not offer a compelling argument against capitalism without spreading lies.

    Also, teachers are all unhappy for the most part, they complain about how they don’t make any money, they hardly deserve the money they get for the most part. Poop people are predominantly liberal, which makes little sense, except for the marxist part, and they like to indoctrinate your children so they can get one of these marxist libs into office someday.

  8. Not all of us tow the NEA line and sometimes we pay for it with our jobs. A majority of us do want to teach our students the right way…I am one of the few US History and Government teachers that actually shows my students that it is good to love this country’s institutions, traditions and the Founding Fathers, who are now vilified by my Liberal counterparts. And, on the government side, the lack of respect for our elected officials is evident in the teaching that some of my fellow teachers give out.

    I don’t like the thought of sex ed in school, only because it is taught by the government, but, kids are not learning it at home from their parents so, GULP! the government steps in. The worst problem we have is, we are getting way too PC, and are conforming and cowtowing to diversity instead of them conforming to us, the majority.

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