Question by Kermit: Why doesn’t the button on my website work?
Why doesn’t my “return to designs” button work in Internet Explorer, but does work in FireFox?

As a business owner, I realize that I must cave to designing for Internet Explorer too sadly.

Will someone please help me?

The problem is on this page:

Best answer:

Answer by mawduce65
There are a couple things wrong with the code you are using to create the link. First, the style sheets section needs to be removed. Text decoration elements are not necessary when using images as links. In addition, your division tag that makes the image float right breaks the link because it is in the center of the code on the same line as the link. I got the link to work by removing the style sheet text, and putting the division element in front of the link. I also used full URL addresses in the links for the image displayed and the link to the other page. The code looks like this:

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