Query by Gabby: Where to start off at producing a web design?
I want to start off generating a world wide web planning, but i have no notion exactly where to start or how these point function. Also I noticed handful of ppl on fb that they are acquiring cash for producing web pages or one thing-i want to consider that also.

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Response by Henry
Initial, go to school and discover web design.

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  1. Dear Gabby!

    I believe elance.com is a good starting point to see what people are looking for and if you can provide it.


  2. This is the same as someone saying:

    I want to start being a surgon, but i have no idea where to start or how these thing work. Also I saw few ppl on facebook that they’re getting money for being a surgon or something-i want to try that also.


    Professional web design is a highly skilled profession (although there’s a lot of hacks that sell awful work, and some people are uneducated enough to get taken in by them).

    If you want to be a professional, you learn to be a graphic designer, and learn to apply your skills to the web. If you have not been able to use Google to access all the skills online that you can teach yourself, you’ll probably have to go to a school to learn.

    But quite frankly, web design is not a profession that you succeed in if you are not a self starter and can’t figure out problems on your own.

    If you’re serious about making a living, figure out what you want (no “or something”) and go after it with all your energy and you’ll do fine.

    But as long as you noodle around without focus or ambition, you CERTAINLY won’t get anywhere in this field.

  3. Start with basic Web design Courses.You must know How to create your own website.There are few common steps as follows
    Get Your Domain Name
    Choose a Web Host and Sign Up for an Account
    Designing your Web Pages
    Testing Your Website
    Collecting Credit Card Information, Making Money
    Getting Your Site Noticed

    Also, Design professional Web Site Contact on this

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