Question by tybardy: where can i find cheap web design?
I am setting up a small internet business, and after doing some research i have found that using a “web design” program isn’t going to give me a quality product. Which upsets me a bit because that is the cheapest rout and I am quite creative.

However I was told that i can get a web page designed for fairly cheap but i was never told where to go to find this cheap web design and was hoping that someone had some ideas on how to help.

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Answer by asphaltjesus would be a great place to start.

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8 thoughts on “where can i find cheap web design?”

  1. if you want cheap then you need to design yourself. the problem is mst of the templates you buy from 30 to 90 bucks are just psd files that you need to cut and setup yourself anyway. you can have someone design it for you, but evryone is looking for a buck like you are and so starts the circle.

  2. Hello!

    I am a freelance web designer and I design custom templates for clients at reasonable rates. If you are still interested in design for your business contact me. Thanks!

  3. Hello
    Don’t look for the cheapest solution if you can afford it as you will normally get what you pay for.
    If it is for a business you may also need to consider: do you need to receive traffic to the site, do you want it to appear in search engines, and/or be highly ranked by Google etc etc. These will all add to the cost and normally only a real web guru will understand these items.
    Hope this helps and good luck.

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