Question by mason00000001: When you think of a “Great Achievement in Clean and Simple Design,” what do you think of?
What are the top 20 “achievements in clean and simple design”? These should be well known human-made objects that are timeless and elegant.

They can span all history and come from any genre: print design, the web, architecture, food, fashion, furniture, jewelry, art, sculpture, industrial design, etc.

If you agree with items already posted in this forum, please let me know that, too!

Some ideas:

Pyramids of Egypt

Vidal Sasson Angular Cut

Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can

The French Press:

The WordPress Default Theme:

Life Magazine Covers:

Classic Corvette

Coca-Cola logo

Bauhaus Chair

Your ideas???

Best answer:

Answer by MB
This may sound kind of ridiculous, but I think that the No. 2 pencil is one of the most well designed tools ever created. It does its job perfectly, includes an eraser in case mistakes are made, can be be sharpened in case the lead breaks, is highly portable, and is very inexpensive. In short, form and function converge into one very simple, timeless, and incredibly useful tool.

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One thought on “When you think of a “Great Achievement in Clean and Simple Design,” what do you think of?”

  1. hmmmmm… only 20??
    here are some of my favorites:

    barcelona pavilion (1929) by ludwig mies van der rohe (and lots of his other projects could fit this list–he is one of the original modern masters)

    TWA terminal jfk new york by eero saarinen

    johnson wax complex by frank lloyd wright

    LC4 chaise by le corbusier

    bottega chair by renzo fauciglietti

    noguchi table

    case study houses #21 & 22 (1960) by pierre koenig

    block lamp by harri koskinen

    napoli tub from victoria and albert

    shadow lounger by christian ghion

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