I need to creat a single page website design and need some help to give estimate on this.
The client will provide their own logo, and I need to design 5 identical icons for this single page site. The client want to see about 2-3 different template designs.
What would be the reasonable quoate for this job?

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  1. I’d usually charge them about $20 per hour, templates and all. Figure out how much time it would take and roughly base it on that, if it seems too high, bring it down a bit.

  2. Well id charge about 75
    that depends on hwo well yuor work looks
    if alot of people want you stuff
    jack up that pricee

  3. If it’s not too complicated, I would charge $15 per icon, about $50 per template design and another $50 to implement the one they select.

    Or, $200 for the whole thing. But, I’m worth that much. How good are you?

  4. Your problem is that because you’re new at this, it’s going to take you longer to do things than it would take for other people, and it’s not fair to the customer if you charge him for time you spent figuring out how to do things.

    I would look around and see what other designers charge for this service, then charge right in the midrange.

    Later you will be able to work quicker and make more on the same job. When you get a good reputation, you can charge more, and people will be willing to pay you for it.

  5. It mostly depends on the complexity of the design. I do like this:

    xHTML – CSS coding: $30
    xHTML – CSS – JS/PHP coding: $50+

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