4 thoughts on “What website design languages should I learn?”

  1. I am a web designer. I recommend you HTML, XHTML and CSS. These are the languages used for web designing. For web developing you should learn PHP or ASP Language. HTML is used to create static websites but PHP and ASP is used to create dynamic websites.

    You should learn HTML, XHTML and CSS first. After completing these you can learn PHP and ASP.

    You can also learn these languages sitting in your home.

    This website gives all the teachings free to its students all over the world for your diploma you have to pay them 75 $ per exam. You can get your HTML Developer Diploma by studying there and paying them 75$ when you finished your studies for exam.

    If you want to be just a web designer not by studying it. You can use Webpage Maker this is the software. With the help o f which a child can create websites.

    Download a trial version here its just 3.66 MB

  2. Defiantly learn HTML and CSS first! Those are the base for almost everything you will do. After you are a MASTER at that, learn PHP and MySQL

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