Question by j: What to do after graduation?
Currently I’m studying the bachelor of BIT(Business information technology) in Malaysia.i have one more year and then my study will be finished.after that my visa wouldn’t be renewed unless i have a I’m thinking as a foreigner fresh graduate how can i find a work in Malaysia? as i said i study BIT and i know some basics about programming,web design, business rules but I’m not a master in them.when i surf through the job ads and i come around something like this “need a java programmer”,”a web programmer or web designer”,”Business analyst” and so much more, i feel like i know nothing about these things and I’m not qualified to apply for the job,cause i just know the basics(that’s what they taught you in university) not depth.these feelings make me frustrated day by day. i was thinking about getting a certificate in java or web programming but i don’t have enough money to spend for those my questions are:
1-Which of these abilities (Programming,web designing and other related subjects to my field of study-plz introduce if you know more) is easier to obtain and could be learned free(Self-paced)?
2-Do you know any sites that could help me to know all the jobs related to my course?and give me a sense of comprehension about the future prospect of my job. there any law that when you want to work in Malaysia,you must know the Bahasa Malaysia?
4.if the next year i couldn’t find a job in Malaysia then i have to go back to my country(Iran).do you think i must apply for other countries as well?which countries are good for work esp as a fresh graduate?

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Answer by rujju
Such a lenghty Qs…
Marriage is the best choice after graduation and job…

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