Question by 光: What should I put on my business card? (Read more info)?
Well, I freelance on web design, however I don’t really have a name for my “company” yet. I have been using my first and last name only.

I will have my name, email, phone and website location, but at the top of the card I want to add something that describes what I do… Only thing I can think of is “web design studio” , “web designer ” …. any ideas ? 🙁

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Answer by Mr. Knowitall
I think just ‘Web Design’ is best. And there should be a website on the card that has some impressive examples of your work.

The thing about web design is that the website will sell it, the card is only a link to the website. You don’t even need a real-world address. Your name, ‘WebDesign’, the website URL and a phone number is all you really need! The card should also be interesting graphically, of course.

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