Concern by HYUN O: What concerns to I need to ask just before selecting an in-residence graphic/web design employee?
I want to employ a person to do all my solution brochures and new web design, but right here in my office. what are some things I need to ask the prospect and what type of wage should I be supplying?

Ideal response:

Solution by
if he is all set
web design is $ 2000 to $ a hundred,000
but those men and women are inquiring for as well a lot
look for a freelancer
pay a visit to.

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One thought on “What questions to I need to ask before hiring an in-house graphic/web design employee?”

  1. To be honest, you can’t rely on questions and answers. They can tell you what you want to hear. Ask them to show you what they did in the last couple years at least. If you have no idea about how to tell good design/coding from bad, don’t do it yourself, as an expert to meet your prospective hire and evaluate him or her. I have an impression that you don’t know too much about web design, otherwise you wouldn’t ask this question. I recommend you – don’t do it, let someone who can get an objective and qualified opinion do it for you. Otherwise you risk hiring someone who will not be able to deliver what you or your clients expect.

    Moreover, if you have one project only — don’t hire anyone in-house. You’ll waste your money. Hire a group of professionals — it will take less time and will save you money.

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