Question by aquasonic: What keywords would you use to find a web designer?
There are so, so many web designers out there that a generic search for “web designer” gives a million results. Would you use a different phrase, like “i need a website built” or would you maybe narrow down the results by adding more keywords, like “web designer miami”?

Also, do you care whether or not your web designer works in your area or are you content with long distance?

Best answer:

Answer by forktonguebush
Web designer in “your town or state”

Works every time. Hire someone with a local office or at least a reasonable drive time. DON’T use any of those special deals being offered all over the Internet. How many pages do you need? Is it informational or will there be a shopping cart? How will you except payment if a shopping cart is used? Does it need updating daily, weekly or monthly? Can you do the updating yourself. The pricing is all over the board. Most should have samples of their work on line. A real cheap and pretty good deal is to go to a local college or trade school. Many students will put one together for you at a very reasonable price.

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