Question by blah: What is up with DSK jewelry?
Ok so there is this girl that makes Jewelry and has her own website. She makes swarovski necklaces, bracelets, earings etc. I think they are pretty, but they are EXTREMELY overpriced. I could make an exact necklace she made for about $ 10-$ 15, and she sells them for like $ 48. On youtube so many people are talking about it, and how they love it. Don’t they realize they are getting extremely ripped off?

Also on this one video, someone commented saying it’s cheaper to make your own (it wasnt me) and she replied saying that she wanted the “real authentic design” and not a “copy” of it. Ok…on, you can buy every single thing EXACTLY that the designer uses. None of the stuff she uses is her own authentic item…because there are so many places where you can get the exact same thing. it kinda pisses me off. Also apparantly if you try to “copy” her design, there will be repercussions. wtf? honestly most of her stuff is a chain, with one or two crystal pendants on them. seriously, i bet people made something similar to her before she even came up with it. Some of her stuff has a single heart crystal on a chain…will it be “stealing” if i decided to make one? People are just seriously annoying me with all this bullshit. i think people can make whatever the fuck they want if it’s available on the website. None of the stuff she uses was made by her, so therefore i think people can do whatever they want if they have the materials.

Sorry about the long post, i just really needed to get this out, cause it really does piss me off. i don’t think its wrong to have a jewelry business or anything, but for people to not even realize how much they are being ripped off, and about how if anyone copies, she will do something.

once again, sorry for all this anger.

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Answer by lovethatdog
Well, ya. I get that you would be mad that she says to not copy her designs. I mean people can think of the same designs without knowing someone else had one like that right? But her’s are expensive because she uses pure silver and pure gold. Sure, you could make the same design with the same crystals but it would probably be sterling silver which is muchhh cheaper. And she probably prices them higher because… well who wouldnt? They put all their hard work in it and shes trying to make a living right? So if I were you, I would just ignore her.

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  1. I agree with you. Ive seen practically the same thing shes selling on ebay for no where near that price. Also, you can make your own quite easily and for less, there are girls on you tube who have made videos about this. DSK said they were ‘copying’ and said she would win in court. I thought that was rude, these girls were so innocent in making their own jewelry and sharing it. But DSK practically told them to stop it otherwise if she took them to court she would win! Its scare tactics, bit ridiculous. So i agree with you, if its there on for example, go ahead and make it if you want. I just feel sorry for those girls on you tube who are buying it from her at that price and who dont know any better. If i shopped around i could probably make 3 necklaces for the price of one of hers. Dont worry i get your rant! lol

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