Concern by rahul g: What is required background to be a web designer?
Hi there absolutely everyone, I wanna be a world wide web designer but its challenging to choose between science and commerce
which stream i should go in?

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Answer by humorous
as the planning is of ability dependent, by picking proper stream [ie., by learning the Diploma/PG Courses] you may possibly not. so, my openion is ‘Join any course to imrpove academic qualification as well as go for attaining practial information in JAVA, HTML, .Web etc.,’

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  1. hmmm, this question kind of goes in many different ways but I will try to answer what I think you’re asking.

    To be a web designer you need to be a creative person that is smart enough to be able to work with technical tools and produce visually appealing websites. If you are not working with a company you should have some entreprenuerial skills and be able to negotiate costs and not undersell your services. It helps if you are a child of web 2.0 as this is the way the world is going. So really you have to be skilled in both science (the art of manipulating technical code to output a desired result) and commerce (the ability to create solutions good enough to make money for you or your company) I think if you are mostly creative, you should go the creative route. If you are more business minded, you should go the commerce route. If you are both and driven you should be very successful in about 10 years.

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