Issue by youvee: What is necessary for one to grow to be a internet designer?
What languages should i understand?
What should i be capable of?
and what do web designers do? do they just design and style the web site or they also host the web site as properly?
And do web designers ever issue themselves with the safety of the website? like will my expertise of SQL and C++ make a diff?

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Response by David Blanchard
Very good languages to find out in web advancement:
web designers are typically organized into stages according to their ability set. you ought to have at least a “doing work expertise” of net design and style and programming to get commenced and really make cash at it.
web designers style and create internet sites.. The internet hosting is accomplished by webmasters which can host the web site if they want to, but web hosting is far more of a components thing than a computer software issue.

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  1. There are different aspects:

    1. Design: Learn CSS, HTML, photoshop/GIMP, Dreamweaver.

    2. Programming : Learn HTML, VBScript or Javascript, PHP or Java or ASP with C# etc.

    3. What does designers do? –> The just design the website ( the outlook/look and feel part) of the website using photoshop/css/html/dreamweaver etc

    4. What is then role of programmers? –> They write business logic for website.. like credit card validation, username – password validation checking etc etc and much more

    5. Do they host website? –> No, they develop and they put their website in servers of ( eg. / etc etc) which is called hosting

    Hope this helps

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