Question by ishu: what is difference amongst internet designer and web developer?

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Solution by David D
Designers invest a great deal more time making graphics and selecting what the format need to be.

Developers devote a good deal much more time composing programming logic to make sites act the way that is preferred.

The two locations meet in the middle above HTML and CSS.

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  1. Probably not too much difference in many cases.

    If I had to give an answer I would say a web designer creates the look and the navigation and general feel and the developer creates the functioning parts – JavaScript and php applications etc.

    But like I said – there is probably not much distinction between the two in the real world.

  2. At one time this was well defined. Designers strictly used to work in Photoshop, Fireworks, etc, preparing flat files for developers to cut up into html. Developers would pick up from there working in the html and developing any back end functionality.

    However, with css becoming a standard over the last few years, these lines have blurred. Depending on which agency you work for, as a designer you might be expected to cut flat files, work in html and css. Leaving the heavy back end lifting to developers. It’s really an age old debate of where the line should be drawn.

    In either case, designers and developers that are the most marketable can dabble in both areas.

  3. Not a big difference, really. Sometimes these terms are interchangeable. However, strictly speaking, designer is an artist who deals with graphics (makes a picture, a sketch), while developer is a more technical role – the one who does the coding for the web page and makes the graphics available for viewing in a browser.

  4. Usually someone who is a developer works on the server-side aspects of a website – databases, programming, security etc. in scripts such as Java, C#, Perl etc.

    A web designer creates the graphics and the ‘look and feel’ of a website.

    There is plenty of cross over though – you can have front-end developers who work in XHTML or DHTML, AJAX and the more complicated aspects of front ending coding.

    Other people who call themselves ‘web designers’ can do the whole lot – design the whole site front end and server side, although they usually work on more simple sites.

    I work in an office which has three developers who do the server-side programming and two designers/editors who do the front end creating, planning and editing.

    Websites have got so complicated these days that one person just can’t know all aspects of creating a big site with loads of functionality which also complies to W3C standards, has good usability and accessibility and is fully SEO’d.

  5. Designer is a person who designs and creates pictures, logos, animation, and first look outlay of a web page. It is some kind of static job and there is no processing involved in designer’s job. Designers mainly work in graphics and logo design software and animation software like Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, PageMaker etc.

    While the actual work behind the screen is done by developer. When you type any information on a web page and click on ok or submit button, that information is sent back to server and based on the information you provided, authentication, verification of the info you provided, and based on supplied info, required processing and deciding what information is to be returned and fetching/obtaining the required information from the central database is the job of developer and he/she does it by using any programming language, C# (pronouced C Sharp), Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, Java etc.

  6. web designer creates an attractive website (including the background code ) n developer develops an web based application.

  7. There is a significant difference between a web designer and a web developer. A web designer usually works with a visual display of the website using software such as Microsoft Office FrontPage, Microsoft Expression, Adobe Dreamweaver, and other such programs. A web developer on the other hand devlops the coding behind the website using languages such as HTML, Java Script, ASP, etc. Although there are differences between these two types of people a web developer usually will go by web designer and not web developer and if they own a company and put an ad out it usually will say “web design” not “web devlopment.”

    Hope this helped.

  8. web designers mostly deal with all the graphics related jobs and a web developer work is to develop a web site which includes programming …………..

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