My aunt asked me to design a website for her new business and she said she would pay me to do it, but I really don’t have any idea of how much to charge her. It is a five page site. How much would you charge? Flat price for the whole thing, or an hourly rate?

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  1. I do my own web designing for some people at school, when I do there myspace I charge about $30 per page, but my friend does web design and he charges 400 for a basic template and 500 or more for a custom site

  2. why don’t you ask your aunt what she feels confortable to pay – she is already acknowledged her will to pay you, and come to a reasonable cost which both of you are happy with….?

    but if prefer to make as much money possible off your aunt that is a different story….

  3. I’m a web designer too and I’ve seen rates in my local area from $20 per hour to as high as $95 per hour. I’ve also seen flat rates from $99 for a one page site to some really crazy amounts…I’m talking $10,000 for ecommerce.

    It really depends on what she wants, what your are able to do, etc. Personally I charge $99 for a 3 page site and $30 for each additional page. I find the flat rate is an easier sell to the customer. Sometimes I come out good…and sometimes I lose on flat rates. Very important to find out up front what she wants so you don’t have a lot of revisions.

    I use templates/sitebuilders so it is not hard and there is very little actual coding.

    Make sure to find out what she can spend on hosting. Prices for this range from $5 per month and up depending on how much space she needs.

    If she needs a domain name, don’t pay the $30-$75 I see so often. You find them for $9.95 and with an excellent company. I use them because the domain name gets registered to the person…not the domain company so you maintain full control over it.

    I’ve put links below to a hosting site with sitebuilder software included as well as the domain name company I use.

    Hope that helps.

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