Query by Tucker: What just will a web design higher education class educate me to do?
I was fascinated in web design, and have been considering of making an attempt it out. What would that class allow me to do when I am concluded. Will it give me the ability and instruction to design and style a first rate web site? Or do you have to just take additional innovative courses to do significantly with it?

I prepare on generating a site in the close to future. I realize standard HTML but I know that isn’t going to get me extremely significantly. So my thought was to consider some web design classes and go from there. Assist! Thank you!

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Response by coryk125
Net Style isnt a main, even though you can take a course on it.

Basically, it is just HTML, MySQL, and DataSocket.
The latter 2 offer with location up servers.

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  1. Web design classes will teach you how to use XHTML and CSS to create static web pages. This will provide the structure you will need to create any site. If you are a good graphic artist and can create backgrounds and headers, then you will be able to design nice web pages.

    To learn dynamic programming languages like .php, .asp, javascript or things like flash and actionscript additional courses are available both at tech schools, universities, and there are a million free tutorials online that can teach these languages as well as familiarize yourself with open source programs.

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