Question by ash: What can be the average monthly income of a “Web Master”?
[Note : A Web Master is one who owns a website and works on it and not one who designs websites for others. The person who designs websites for others is called a “Web Designer”

Hi, Currently i am 15 years old.
I have a website that brings in around 2000 visitors a day!
This amount is not fixed and fluctuates day by day.
Since i own a gaming website, it depends upon when people want to come. People may come again to download another game therefore this amount can frequently fluctuate. This amount grows steadily at the rate of around 27% per month.
Yet my earnings are zero! So, What can be the average monthly income of a webmaster?

My website is :

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Answer by harley crown
£2000-£60000 it depends on how good u are

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