web designers …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

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is internet designer a good occupation route ? i want to know from experienced web designers .. i am pondering about goin to college for internet design and style and turning out to be a freelance web designer but not sure ..?

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Response by JTyler
Like something else, it really is up to you…

There are 2 sides to it, the visible/graphics/layout facet and the programming side. I do each, but some men and women mostly do one particular or the other. If you want to freelance, finest to know a handful of programming languages and be pretty great with photoshop and illustrator.

Personally, I say go for it. I make very good funds and enjoy what I do.

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  1. you wll end up financially accepting any full time job for steady income and doing web design on the side

  2. Just graduated… and its hard. Everyone wants you to work for free. Maybe it just take awhile to get started. I am thinking though I am going to have to make it something I do more as a hobby then my regular job. If its what you want to do then go for it. good luck

  3. I’ve been doing it for years and I love it! A freelancer is truly a jack of all trades. It’s better if you are familiar with both the graphics and development side of the business. This opens you up to more clients and increases your value. Freelancing isn’t easy, by all means, you must constantly promote your skills to acquire new clients, but it’s worth it. Because of the ups and downs in clientele, I recommend a steady job, such as a web designer for a company, when you first begin.

    Good luck!

  4. Here’s a good guide that I recommend to those interested in web design/development careers.

    It tells you the 5 key tools you need to be hireable:

    That said…I would definitely advise you not to start by trying to freelance. I guarantee that you will get in over your head and spend more money than you make. Good freelancers are those that know all facets of their profession or at least know what they don’t know. Work on your key skills and you will get hired.

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