Question by tolstoi1: Web Design – “value =”?
When you View > Source for this website

— you see some undecipherable code that starts with Value =.

What does Value = do? If it is an image, could it be replaced with the .txt file of another image?

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Answer by Dave
It appears to be base64-encoded.

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  1. Really need the complete HTML tag, but in conjunction with the select option —

    Note: The

    Note: Use this tag in conjunction with the select element, elsewhere it is meaningless.


    Source Output

    On the Input tag value= will set the initial value, but I can’t decipher the code in your example.

  2. __VIEWSTATE is a standard hidden field that ASP.NET creates to persist information across page loads. Virtually all ASP.NET pages will have this. It is normal.

  3. in the website the value is used in a form.

    Forms are used to pass data from one page of a site to another. A good example is when you buy something on the internet. At first you fill out a form then you press the submit button, Which sends all of the information you filled out somewhere else on the site to process your information.

    on the site is shown

    notice the type=”hidden” this means that this value is hidden from the viewer of the browser. If you would put type=”text” a text field would show up instead. name=”__VIEWSTATE” is the name of the input or the variable that can be passed to another page on your site. The vaule is what you put in to assing to _VIEWSTATE.

    You can not put an image to assign to value only text. I would recommend that you learn as much as you can about forms before tinkering with the value of the name _viewstate.

    good luck

  4. It is the value of the _VIEWSTATE, which is used to store information about the current page, it’s postBack, and so on and so forth. Also, you could assign that combination of letters and numbers to a value…For example,

    ViewState.set(String variable, Object value);

    ViewState.set(“VariableFoo”, “Hello World”);

    And then, you could retrieve this value by the following,


    Now, what this would return is Hello World…This is good for storing the state of the application or website the user is currently on. Why? Because it’s only a fraction of a second when the web application or website is alive on the memory of the computer, therefore, you can use the ViewState, to store some information about the applications current state.
    It’s not something you want to use too much. I mean, you don’t want to make that your way of transfering data through pages, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 has release a new feature of, the Profile, which allows you to create a variable on the page, store anyhing from strings to collections in it, and then retrieve it when needed.

    Hope this helps!

    Abdurrahman Qadan

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