Question by laurie0802: Web Design Online Course Question/Suggestion?
I am looking into taking web design courses online (self-paced). I have my BA in Business already, but have been given the web at work. I have taken Dreamweaver courses through Lodestone, but feel I need more “design” experience to do what is being asked. I have looked at, that a friend is enrolled in, but don’t want to waste money if it isn’t worth it. Anyone have any suggestion, or have any experience with Sessions?

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Answer by RS Tim
I looked into myself but found them a tad expensive. Right now I’m looking at Penn Foster’s graphic design & multimedia courses — They’re more affordable but the Associate degrees are 2 yrs long. The Career Diploma looks more attractive.

Also, try ‘The Art of Simple Web Design’ if you’re just getting started with Web Design. It’s simple and fast to get going, with real-world design concepts that are needed by the market today.

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