Question by Me myself and I: so i would like to take classes…”web design”…………….I found this school and i talked to them on the phone today and they seemed like they really did know what they were talking about but ive never herd of them…….do you know anything about them?…if you have the time check out the school and let me know what you think…….what do you think i should do before i sign up and take classes with them?….i plan on going to NYC in two weeks to check out the school but i dont want to waste my time or $…..if you have any advice for me please do tell……….Thanks all

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Answer by BlueBoden
Being certificated has proven to be of little value in practice.

They also seam to charge a smaller furtune (50 US) for something you can learn for free online, they do however mention hand-coding which is a good sign.

After i’ve reviewed their “Training Program”, i must recommend that you leave it alone. They have not mentioned much about JavaScript / AJAX, or server-side programming such as PHP / MySQL.

They also seam to teach a lot of obsolate stuff, how to layout your pages using tables for instance. Its stuff like that you can figure out simply by doing a search on google. Why teach bad design practices?

Learning HTML + CSS shouldnt take longer then a few days, simply by following tutorials online, the same could be said about obsolate tools as dreamweaver, which some web designers for some reason insist on using.

I’ve never seen any useful point with WYSIWYG tools, and i’ve yet to encounter the tool to replace good old hand-coding, however there are many nice hand-coding editors, which make things easier.

You should know, that few recognized certificates exists, and even more are outdated and obsolate. They have stated on their website that they will be teaching XHTML, well thats rather ridiculous considering the difference between html and xhtml today is minimal. xhtml isn’t exactly what i would chose for new sites, since the specification isn’t fully supported by browsers, and since HTML 4.01 Strict performs just as well.

I’m waiting for HTML 5 and XHTML 2.0, at that point i’ll decide if xhtml actually is better, but right now it seams ridiculous to chose xhtml just to add extra slashes to img tags and meta tags, not to mention br tags.

Sites of interest: – Certification – Tutorials and References – Tutorials and References

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