Issue by Jess: Self Web Design?
Hi. I’m opening a new business. What is the greatest way to style a web webpage? Retain the services of some one particular or try out to do it oneself? How do locate some one particular? Are there programs you can down load from the internet to do it yourself? I require really excellent hyperlinks, graphics, etc and places to be included to 1.
Many thanks for the help!

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Response by dwightl.geo
if you have cash you and are in a hurry you would be far better off getting a professional to do it for you.

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  1. if u wanna do it ur self is a good basic website design program.

    If u wanna make it look very professional I’d go with designing it yourself and getting a professional to create it for u

  2. Find a page you like somewhere else on the internet – it doesn’t have to be a business similar to yours.

    Send that URL/link to various web design people and ask for quotes on what it would take to do type of thing for you and your business.

    I’d just copy the file and deconstruct (reverse engineer) the liked site and change it’s content and graphic files with those specific to your firm. But, I’m not in the business of designing sites for other people and only did it in the past for relatives.

    The link has one of my fancy schmancy stuff pages – I only used about 10% of those techniques among the 100+ other web sites i have on the net.

  3. If you have time then do it yourself, but if not use one of the many free templates on the web to get you started. find a host so you have somewhere to put it, or if your internet provider offers space then use that.

    But if you want your page to be found by search engines, use a pro who can write it for you.

    I would look at other companies doing similar stuff and get an idea of what information you want your website to offer. Then ask some designers what they would charge to do a similar site.

    Depending on the complexity of the site you could be looking from £100 to £thousands. shop around and get some quotes

  4. >> Hi. I’m opening a new business.


    >> What is the best way to design a web page? Hire some one or try to do it yourself?

    Unless you’re going to be in the Web design business, almost always your best bet is to hire a professional who will do a better job of something than you can.

    >> How do find some one?

    You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Web designer. Of course, really good ones are hard to find. My suggestion would be to do a Web search of your industry, find an out-of-market company whose Web site you like, and contact the design company that made it. Most design companies include a small link at the bottom of a home page indicating they made the site and linking to their site. For all that’s worth, any site you like, use that designer.

    >> Are there programs you can down load from the net to do it yourself?

    Sure. There are also do-it-yourself wills, roofing kits and first aid kits. None of which are the same as a lawyer, carpenter or surgeon. You get what you pay for.

    >> I need really great links, graphics, etc and locations to be added to one.

    Hire a professional. Depending on what you want, you can anticipate a bid between $ 500 and $ 2,000 for a basic Web site, or $ 50 – $ 100 per hour for designer time, depending on his skills and again, your needs.

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