Questions about the new Samsung UN46C7000 3D LED TV.?

Question by mig-2107: Questions about the new Samsung UN46C7000 3D LED TV.?
I have a ton of questions about the newly announced Samsung UN46C7000 LED TV. You may have seen the ad at the academy awards.

1. The specifications on the Samsung website say that the TV will convert regular 2D content, to 3D content. Will this be true, and if so, will the quality be compromised?

2. How does/will it compare to Sony’s 3D TV? People who have experienced the Sony 3D demo at a Sony Style will say it was amazing. I’ve experienced it myself, but has anyone experienced Samsung’s 3D demo?

3. PS3 will have a firmware update to support 3D movies and games, but will the PS3 be compatible with Samsung’s 3D LED TV? Or will I have to buy a separate Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Player? This is the most important question for me, because I plan to play a lot of games and movies through my PS3.

4. Are there Samsung 3D demos out yet? If so, where can they be located?

5. How much will the 3D shutter glasses be, if I buy extra units?

6. Is there a different TV base compatible with the UN46C7000? Because I can’t stand the “cross design” of the base.

Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions. For more information about the Samsung 3D I’m talking about go to this link:…

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Style is See Break Open Ticket Style.

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  1. 1. I’ve read plenty of comments from people at shows like CES 2010, and the ‘converts’ 2D to 3D seems to be OK, but it’s not perfect. It’s exponentially more complex to simulate 3D from 2D, than to upconvert standard def to simulated HD, bottom line, don’t expect to be amazed. Also, I’m sure the lag will be a killer so gaming with simulated 3D might be out of the question since 120 and 240Hz LCD TVs already suffer lag issues, some models worse than others.

    2. Both are LCD, so from what I’ve read so far, neither will blow the other away. They both use shutter glasses, both are LCD, both are working from the same standard, both have the same refresh rate. Common sense tells me it’s going to be a wash.

    3. All 3D TVs will be compatible with any 3D blu ray player. The blu ray/HDMI 1.4 spec keeps everyone on the same page.

    4. Don’t know about the demos. but google Panasonic 3D their TVs will hit first (this week I think) the big press/roll out will be at the flagship store in NY, NY and then the rest of the best buy stores.

    5. Glasses from Vizio, panasonic, Samsung, Sony have prices in the 99-129 dollar range per set but that info was announced at CES 2010, it was early info so that could change. Every maker will include at least one pair, of course rumors are floating that one company might choose to include two sets, but who knows about that one.

    6. I have no idea about the base

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