Question by Chaena: Question about Concept Art?
This might be a very weird question but I still hoping for someone to answer 🙂
Anyway, I read about Concept Art on Wikipedia and somehow, I was wondering if it is something that related to Digital Painting (or it really is)?
Could anyone please tell me what a Concept Artist do in the field of Game Design?

Also, I’m a high school student and I love art. Concept Arts in the field of gaming have a huge attraction to me and I’m really wanting to have a career in it. So I search for a place that I can achieved my goal and because I’ve a cousin who is attending here so yup.
The named is Academy of Art University in SF, CA. Somehow, I got my friend into this as well and she willing to become a Character Designer. Both of us visited the school’s website and stumble on this problem that’s kind of confusing.
This is AAU site:

We went to the site then click “Illustration” and here, at the section that said “Illustration Class Descriptions and Course Schedules”
It listed Visual Development and Concept Art and Character Design in here.
But when both of us went to the “Game Design”.
The Course Schedule also have “Visual Development” and “Character Design” in here. So both of us were like “So…Illustration and Game Design…which one is actually the one for us if we like games O_O?”

And personally, I read on wikipedia and its said “Concept art is also referred to as visual development” and I look at the Game Design section and it have a course named “Visual Development” while the Illustration section listed “Visual Development and Concept Art”

Are they the same? Or different? My friend and me would be very happy if this question was answer because we both was so excited to found about this and playing video games sometime really did give us some inspiration too hehe….xD
Thank a bunch for anyone who answer 🙂 Hope this is not too confusing.

Best answer:

Answer by Daniel
they’re the same. Don’t worry they know what you need.

To visually develop something you need a concept (idea)…logically speaking

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  1. Academy of Art University is a great school to go to for Game Design. Since all of their instructors are industry experts, you get a lot of valuable information, while preparing for success in life after college. Some of my friends who have graduated from there have also gone on to work for big-name companies. You can see a list of companies that hire Academy grads by visiting

    Concept artists create the original designs of characters and environments in games and films. Academy of Art University offers concept art and visual development courses in the Illustration, Animation and Game Design fields. The path you choose will depend on your personal goals.

    You can contact the Admissions Department at 800.544.2787 (US Only) or 415.274.2200. You can speak to them about what your goals are and they can guide you to the best program for you.

    This link takes you to:
    Radical Conceptual Art thread
    [ found on the website: ].
    After you arrive, scroll down to Reply #1……to find
    ____81 links to artworks by Pablo Picasso
    ( more LINKS to his artworks will be added soon ).

    Conceptual Art is when the ” idea as art ” is more important than any individual artist
    creating something on canvas, paper, steel sculpture, clay, etc., etc.
    ‘THE IDEA’ is the artwork in Conceptual Art.

    It’s the same thing in Game design or whatever…….( ‘the idea’ or concept is the focus ).

    Signed: Robert Singletary__Friday January 7, 2011__12:55 P.M.
    (eastern standard time) USA

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