Question by question: Which web design company has better portfolio?
1) (corporate web design – specialty)
2) ( first page on seo “web design”)

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That depends on what you mean as better? Better layout, better customers? Deo Graphics has custom made portfolio whil finerdesign uses a template that is common.

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  1. depends how good their marketers are at advertising such. id go with the one you think best suits your requirements etc. Any good marketer can make you buy his product rather than his competition.

  2. I liked the deographics sites better.

    It was a close race until I opened one site of each and the finer design site said “Things may not show up correctly because I am not using Micro$oft IE” I am on a Mac. I think IE only has about 60% of the market now-a-days, and is ever shrinking. do not get a site designed be someone that can only show 60% or less of the people what you want them to see.

    maybe you should ask them if it is 40% off the regular price since so few can see it? 😀

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