Query by : What modern web developing tactics should I be acquainted with to make a living in web design?
Hi there, I have been off and on world wide web planning for the final seven many years. It commenced out as a informal pastime, but I have actually gotten a grip on basic mark-up languages. My issue is, What modern day web creating techniques must I be common with to make a living in web design? I am looking for what languages should I be acquainted with. It would seem in latest several years, Just simple mark-up will not likely minimize it any more.

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Solution by susansayl
CSS is a massive point. And so is JavaScript. PHP is also massive. I’ve heard that people are backing absent from Flash, but I have not personally seen that. And alot of folks are making use of SQL, but I have not utilized it however.

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  1. for straight up design you only need to be familiar with photoshop, html and css (some jquery goes a long way too)

    if you want to design applications and write the code for them you can add a server-side scripting language to that list (php, coldfusion, asp.net, etc) and SQL for querying a database (MsSQL Server, MySQL, etc)

  2. Start with HTML, then try to learn Java, CSS, ASP.NET and PHP. This is all you need to create a website.

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