Question by daytraderbm: What can I do to my website to improve SEO results?
Please take a look at my website at and please let me know how I can improve on my search engine rankings. I’m trying to target the keywords “atlanta web design”, “atlanta website design” and “website design atlanta” – I’m on search engines, but I’m on like the 8th page out of results… not good! I checked a link popularity checker and I have 2 links compared to 200-400 that my competitors have… What can I do??

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Answer by LooseElastic
I had a look at your web site and also the source page. You seem to have the basics such as meta tags and alt tags. Here is a suggestion:

1) You need to put a few more keywords into your top paragraph – this is important.

2) Start a linking campaign – for example you could have used your question for example by putting the http:// in.

You also need to jazz your site up a bit – it’s a little dull for a design site.

Good luck.

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  2. Hi! What you need is an SEO expert that will help your site increase in its visibility thus allowing it to achieve a higher rank on the search engine. SEO actually drive more traffics to your site.

  3. I had a really quick look at it for you.

    – Move your title tag so it comes straight after your head tag
    – remove the commas in between your title text and use ( – ) symbol, as at the minute google is seeing it as one long keyword.
    – You don’t seem to be making use of H tags?? I did look over it quickly so could have missed them.
    – When was the last time you updated the content? Try and do this monthly.
    – Your keyword density is too low, needs to be between 3 – 8% for best results.

    Aprat from the above on page factors you need to do some serious link building. I shows as 2 when you use the google toolbar but you probably have around 100 – 200. However your competitors who have 200 – 400 showing will must likely have 10000 backlinks.

    You need to put a solid link building campaign in place.

    – Directories
    – Articles-
    – Press releases

    These are some of the best ways to maintain this.

    Also as you are targeting local traffic you need an address in the footer and local links. Look to link to local business directories or governent sites.

    There are thousands of things you could implement these are just a few ideas after a really quick review.

  4. After an initial review of your SEO metatags on your opening webpage, it is quite evident that you believe that spamdexing and loading of keywords is a legitimate way to artificially elevate your PR at Unfortunately, spamdexing is not a legitimate means and actually Google editors will penalize your website with a lower PR. Also you jeopardize your current website ranking should anyone bother to submit a [email protected] against your website: your domain name could be removed from’s database!

    Here’s a review of your current metatags along with some suggested improvements:

    1. Current: Atlanta Web Design, Website Design Atlanta, Atlanta Website Design,<br /> Webmaster Atlanta – Elasticdesigns

    Improved by removal of (a) the domain name since it’s not a recognizable brand name; (b) duplicate entries and (c) the need for more descriptive “generic” terms to describe your services. Also follow the entries with a business locator, i.e., city, state [spelled out]:

    Website Designer, Commercial, Law Firm, Affordable, Hosting | Atlantic, Georgia [?]

    2. Current:

    Improved by constructing a singular sentence which describes your services; not merely a listing of services:

    3. Current:

    Improved by removal of duplicate entries:

    Hopefully you can incorporate the above improvements onto your current opening webpage and see a major increase in net traffic to your website.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Had you conducted another search for “atlanta web design foghat,” your website would rank no. 1 out of 2,790 search results!

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