Question by ttlyditzyblond: What bedroom-style is good for a 16 year old teenager girl?
My niece is 16 & she has grown out of her old childhood bedroom.
She really likes the bedrooms from the show “Divine Design” & would love to have a similar style as her rooms.
I also need help to find a good website to use to find furniture, rugs & lighting for her room.
Thank you! I need all the help i can get

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Answer by BEASTY
i love that show divine design and be and your niece are the same age and probably have similar styles so you could try creamy beige walls and one brown wall that the bed is sitting on and have her bedspread a white color and have colored sheets (preferably her favorite color or a pattern that she likes) and have really comfy chair in the corner with a floor lamp like a little reading area

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