Question by 1-2informationalways: This about WEBSITES,concerning design and programming?
I suppose “design” means the creation of the entire website. But what does programming mean?

Do they refer to the “maintenance” of it monthly?

Any information is appreciated.

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Answer by anjulhans
programming is the coding of the website functionality. if u want to perform any kind of dynamic activity on your website u need to do programming in a particular language for that eg. php, jsp, asp etc

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  1. The design is the layout of the website, for example, the navigation, the header, the background, the body, the footer, etc. What colors are used? What patterns? Where are the links? What’s the logo look like? The visual aspect of it. To create the visual aspect, we use HTML and CSS. They are languages used to tell the computer what the website is supposed to look like.

    Programming is how to make the design happen. How do you make a painting? With paint and paintbrushes! Programming is the code that tells the computer exactly what the website looks like and does, behind the pretty colors and features that you see and use. How does the computer know to send an email when you click the “Send” button? This simple task is told to the computer through hundreds of lines of complicated code that the computer can understand. For this, there are handfuls of languages programmers might use, all with different goals in mind. PHP, ASP, JavaScript, MySQL, Ajax…

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