Question by Rob P: Starting a small freelance web design “company”?
I want to start doing some freelance web design for things like video game clans, small organizations, maybe even small businesses. I really need some advice on what to charge for what services, possibly having partners who can code things that I am not proficient in (e-shops, databases,etc), and pretty much all other aspects of the idea. I dont plan on charging like hundreds of dollars. Maybe just like dollars for a basic website for a group of gamers on World of Warcraft or Halo 3. I am only 15 and I dont know a LOT of code languages and such, but I’m sure I can whip up a decent little site for a paintball team or something.

I also need to know if I should get their domain for them or if I should just set up the site and give them the ftp domain or however that works (someone could help me figure that out too). How do I host their site?

Oh and how should I accept payment? Should I use paypal or something else? I don’t have my paypal set up yet and I would prefer not to have to validate it (it’s kind of hard to get a bank account at 15).

Thanks and any help is appreciated.

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Answer by monie089
You could get a savings account at a bank then link it to paypal and you could buy the domains and for hosting, try getting a reseller account or just a shared account and add the domains.

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  1. You are just starting out so let me give you the most important advice. DO NOT charge $50 for a website. Maybe every now and then for a sale or something for some simple site. But do not make it your standard price. Web designers command $300 and up for small websites. Your hourly if you go that route should be between $30 and $50 per hour.

    You should let the customer register their domain. Or if they have no clue about anything web related then offer to do it for them. You will also need Paypal for your payments. Another good merchant is Alert Pay which is similar to Paypal. Either way you need to verify the account in order to be legitimate and be able to get the money into your hands.

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