Question by ThatLady: Myspace design question. Why is Myspace designed so that a person has to scroll left and right?
Someone asked the question “Does anyone else care that Myspace is so poorly designed” and then deleted it. But it got me thinking. Yes, I have noticed it’s designed differently than you’re taught to design website pages in “web design” class. Is this a new trend? I don’t like having to scroll back and forth. So I wonder why it’s done this way…

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Answer by joy ride
it’s not designed that way…it depends on the who you use for your layout…mine does not do this others do…

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  1. The only time you have to scroll left to right is if the content on a page is wider than your browser window. So MySpace isn’t designed this way, it’s just wider than your browser window. You can maximize your window or you can set your screen resolution higher to give you more screen space. Some pages are set to fixed widths that are smaller or larger than MySpace – others are set to auto-scale to fit your browser window.

    For me, MySpace doesn’t need horizontal scrolling at all.

  2. not everyones page is like that. for one, you can eliminate that with the right code. and another, it depends on your resolution and or monitor size. for example. when I’m at work, I only have my vertical bar to scroll, but when I’m at home on the computer I have both the horizontal and vertical bars…

  3. The scrolling from right to left is not a MySpace thing. That’s totally dependent upon the layout of your page. If you know what the Hell you’re doing, you won’t have this issue.

  4. MySpace itself doesn’t do that. It’s all the pointless customisations that people make, and all the bandwidth hogging oversized images that some people feel compelled to post in every direction that they turn.

    MySpace isn’t _designed_ by idiots – but idiots are allowed to run free there.


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