Question by Naveed: “Java Script is better than other scripting languages for web design”?
“Java Script is better than other scripting languages for web design”

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Answer by Pain Killer
if your question is “is Java Script better than other scripting languages for web design” the answer is not necessarily. It depends on the application. CGI has been famous with perl scripts due to the nature of perl. Java script has its own advantages of being compatible with Java. It is like a super set to Java. But some people still prefer CGI. Some cases CGI is better performing than java script or JSPs.

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  1. Well, JavaScript is better at what it does than other scripting languages that have tried to do the same thing (e.g., VBScript) which is why it’s the only client-side scripting language that’s built into every modern browser.

    However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “better for web design” than every other scripting language. For server-side processing there are (in my opinion) better alternatives.

    Pain Killer: JavaScript is most certainly not a superset of Java. Java and JavaScript are very different languages. The similarity of the names was done for marketing reasons, not because of any meaningful connection between the two languages.

  2. It’s good because it’s very adaptable, can be made to look very attractive and does alot of things.

  3. JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming language then the other scripting languages for web design. JavaScript is very fast and powerful language then the other languages. JavaScript is a feature rich and useful browser based script that if used properly can achieve some great effects and improve the experience for the end user. JavaScript is a browser based programming language that actually runs client side.

    This means that any code that you write in JavaScript is delivered along with your web pages and the scripts that you write actually run from within the users’ browser rather than directly on the server that is serving the web page. There are situations where JavaScript is an excellent solution for implementing neat features in a web design.

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