Issue by a_bear_bear: Is it a very good idea to become a world wide web designer or web developer?
I have not too long ago made a decision that I would like to grow to be either a world wide web designer or world wide web developer…I commit quite a bit of time on the internet and genuinely would like to understand how to construct my personal website. I am contemplating of using a handful of courses at the Art institute of Washington so I can get a diploma in internet layout. I suppose I just wanted to question if it would be really worth even though for me to do so? I see a lot of job listing around the region for web designers so I would not have a problem discovering perform if I have a good sufficient portfolio but is net design a very good profession path to select?

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Answer by Judy
Web design and improvement is a good area correct now. Most company jobs would go to men and women with 4 calendar year degrees with a web design certification, but if you might be very good adequate, you may be capable to start off your very own enterprise and discover clients with no a diploma. Most clientele would count on you to do both the layout and the development, and offer or prepare for the hosting – they’ll anticipate a single-end buying for their website.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Is it a good idea to become a web designer or web developer?”

  1. I am starting college classes for that this month.. I am going for my Associate’s Degree.
    I say do what I did.. and go for it! =)

  2. Depends. I think it’s a good direction if you want to be self-employed.

    I did it backwards – started the website, first . Decided to contract out the design. As far as the code, (html, rss, etc.), I went with Site Build It and let them handle it.

    It’s exciting when you know the graphics and the html. Just don’t get into a large student loan debt. Worse than credit cards.


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