Question by Max: How much would you pay for…?
…a site to house your web design, art, or business portfolio & resume?

I’m not talking one of those cheesy “drag-and-drop-your-crud” sites, I mean an actual folder to put all of your own .html, .css, .pdf, .php, etc files in…

ALSO, if you don’t have those files (the actual site, resume, etc) but you DO have design-ideas (.psd, .jpg, etc) for your portfolio site, how much would you pay the hosting site to make the designs “come to life” as a website for your portfolio?

((Please no random rude remarks, just give me a general guesstimate of what you think people would pay for a service like that, I’m fully aware that there are lots of free “do-it-yourself” sites out there, but I’m trying to make a name for this part of my site as specifically for awesome creative digital portfolios))
The idea of this is that you just give a potential employer a link instead of a billion gigs of file attachments, lol…

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Answer by arnickar(:
Well i have absolutely no experience in this at all…
but it sounds like a good idea.
But to be honest, I wouldn’t pay a ridiculous amount because it’s basically just an online folder, though it would be very convenient for employers.
So maybe like…$ 1-$ 5 a month.

Sorry, this is probably like no help hahah i’m just guessing.

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