Concern by lemonxjuice: Feasible to be a part time net designer?
If you are an accountant (just an instance), would you have time to be a part time web designer?

Or would you advocate getting 50 percent a waitress and then half web designer?

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Reply by Fred W
I would advocate getting fifty percent a waitress and 50 percent web designer… receiving paid for touring all around the entire world and doing work in cyber/internet cafes portion of the time are unable to be that bad of a work, eh?

It really is not so considerably discovering time to be a world wide web designer as it is discovering what portion as a net designer to be at the time…

You will understand much more and create much better websites in much less time working on a staff …Striving to do it all is a error… except if you get compensated by the hour…

it’s a lot cooler to be element of the staff creating internet sites like this… places_areas

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