Query by devzor: Need to discover a net designer that will develop a images website? Any suggestions?
I’m a photographer and I’m seeking for an affordable net designer that will layout a web site to offer and screen my photographs. Can you offer a very good suggestion for an specific or firm? Thanks!

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Response by estel
Hi, if you are hunting for a great designer …maybe i can help you!!! http://db.tt/AeZtVdV2

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  1. Hey, before you spend hundreds of dollars on a web designer, think about maybe you can do it yourself? If your website is not too complicated you can easily learn how to do that in WordPress. I even made a tutorial about it-


    Hope it helps!


  2. Hi I am a professional web designer and I can help you if you’re interested. You can check out my website


    Please use the contact form to get in touch. I wouldn’t recommend using website builders, even though cheap in the beginning they tend to cost more money down the line and are very limiting in terms of functionality and getting complete access to all the code of your site.

  3. I agree with Diane on the topic of free website builder options. Considering that you can build the website that you want with a free website builder, will it be SEO optimized? It is important to not only build an eye catching, astheticslly pleasing, easy to navigate website, but also have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Most web designers will at least provide SEO friendly websites that include:

    Page description meta tags
    Keyword meta tags
    Page and content specific title tags
    Robots txt file
    So on and so fourth….

    You can build the best looking website on the web, but if nobody can find it, it’s a mute point. There are some software programs that are less than $ 100.00 that are fairly easy to use for building websites. My favorite is: Serif WebPlus http://www.serif.com/.

    In the end, considering the time you will spend on the project, you may want to use an affordable web designer that knows what they are doing.

  4. Hi,

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