Question by PiscesPassion: Need help altering image dimensions that I’m inserting into my website?
Ok, let’s see if I can ask this correctly…
I have a website thru JustHost and am using “their” templates. I’m scanning flyers (w/color, design and text) that need to be “readable”. But no matter how much I alter the size, pixels, etc, the images are shown in the same exact size once they’re on the website.
Now… when working in my website’s “admin” mode, while on the php page (where I’m uploading these images as hyperlinks), I have an option to view the HTML code, and where the text of the hyperlinked image is, it says the following:

As you can see, I see nothing relevant to the image “size”… Can I “add” something to change the image size? Such as a percentage or dimensions, for instance? Without messing up the template’s “design”?
And I’m saying “design” because I don’t know the proper term for what I’m trying to say, since when I’ve made other alterations in the past to the template’s commands (not sure if that’s the right word either), I notice the template’s design gets distorted… and if I “undo” such alteration, it doesn’t necessarily go back to the way it was once I’ve saved changes :/

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Answer by Alexander Brunner
I don’t see a class or ID that refers to an image, nor the -tag, only an anchor (which is a link), a division box, etc. In your case, try to post your image in the HTML as:

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