Question by Brenda: Looking for websites to help arrange furniture in a small room?
I need to find a website where I can input my apartment size and get ideas on how to arrange furniture. I have a room that is connected to an open kitchen, where I want to combine dining and a small tv area. The room is odd shaped and the patio doors are right in the middle of the long wall. I’ve googled “small room interior design” and am not coming up with what Im looking for. Any ideas where I can find such a website?? Something where I could pick room sizes and add/move furniture around to see how things would look. Thanks!!

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Answer by Frizel
you have a studio and they are great not to mention that you have a patio, this can be decorated in so many ways. get a divider to separate the two or just buy or get a pull out bed where you can make a small tv area that flows into a nice dining area. put your computer along the wall near the patio so you can look outside when your on the computer. include the outdoor patio space so the outside is arranged to make the patio doors look like a outside picture from inside, hope this helps. go on the website for how to decorate a studio room.

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