Concern by V.J B: Is web design aside of a diploma in pc science?
Im going to college quickly and i adore computer i just want to know if laptop science includles web design and interactive meadia?

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If you posess a diploma – or any other qualification – then you’ll previously be in advance of the bunch when it arrives to searching for professions. My buddy has a degree and he wasn’t positive what route to go with it, but he discovered some wonderful instruction on the useful resource in the useful resource box beneath which guided him to decide that he wanted to be a lab assistant. There is a lot of advice on the source relating to other professions.

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4 thoughts on “Is web design apart of a degree in computer science?”

  1. There are many different computer science degrees available. Those are both choices of electives towards my major in mine (Bachelor’s of Science, Management Information Systems).

  2. Computer Science is a broad field. There are many different specialized fields within the computer science realm.

    If you want to be a web designer, you need to see what curriculum it is listed under at the university you will be attending.

    It probably isn’t listed under computer science. They most likely have a more targetted program for software that it falls under.

  3. Computer science is pretty general. If you want to do Web design, you can specialize in that.

    Be careful though if you live in the USA. A lot of Web design jobs are headed to India.

  4. Web design is available at every community college. However, not all web design courses are created equal. One colleague was interviewing new web designers a few weeks ago. One applicant in the top 5% of a three year course had never made a website. In fact, being able to make a website from start to finish was not part of this course. To clarify – this college is one of the top 10 in the country, not an online or unaccredited school.

    It is also possible to take 3 years and never learn how to make websites that are Search Engine Friendly. In today’s highly competitive market, SEO is no longer an afterthought. Many business owners want their websites SEO friendly ‘out of the box.’ This means CSS tables, and constructed with embedded seo tools.

    There are jobs for people who only learn coding, if they only want to work in the big companies. However, today’s top web design companies have less than 20 employees. The web designer is responsible for more than just the ‘top end’. You need to know how to build a website from the ground up.

    TIP: If you want to become a web designer, start making websites, now. Building a few websites and blogs which do well, are optimized, and have a lot of traffic, is the only way to ensure that you are employable after you graduate.

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