Question by tree_munch: Is this a fair pay raise?
I am a senior in college going for a degree in professional writing and editing with concentrations in IT and web communications.
In June, I was hired part time at the humane society as a receptionist making .50/hr (I live in NE ohio, 1 hour south of Cleveland). At my interview she told me I was being hired in as receptionist but wanted me to redesign their web site from scratch. I did and my boss loved it. She promised a raise at the end of my 90 days.
I had an amazing evaluation and told me how happy she was with what I have done. She hired someone else as a receptionist and changed my title to “web designer”, although I still answer phones.
I just now found out about my raise and they only gave me 25 cents. I am really upset, and don’t know if I should be. Not only do I do web work, I also write their newsletters, create brochures, make flyers, etc. On top of still answering phones and taking appointments, and all they’re paying me is .75. In actuality I should be making closer to /hr , mainly because of the tech work I do. I get that I’m entry-level but cashiers at Sheetz gas station make more than that.
Any suggestions on this situation?

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Answer by monmichka
I guess at this point, you should talk to your boss. Go in with a detailed spec of what you do and what you’ve done and ask for a better raise. If she says no, start looking for a new job. It doesn’t sound like a good raise to me, but, your job really doesn’t owe you a raise. Sometimes you have to fight for it.

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  1. You are still on college so they probably think you are not worth being paid more, I am in the same situation. It sucks but you should ask for more of a raise really because you are doing work of a much higher qualified web designer (I am a graphic and web designer too and do the same job as you but only for £4.70 WITH a degree now THAT is sucky)

  2. I live in NE/East Central Ohio. I did not get a raise at all this year, and I will not get one next year.
    In fact I got a pay cut ( everyone at my employer got a pay cut )
    Normally I get a 3% raise every year.
    You got a 3% raise ( I did the math )
    So you did OK.
    Besides you are working for a charitable organization, they do not have tons of money to spend.
    Stick it out, you are getting lots of experience that will help you land a better paying job when you graduate from college.
    Times are tough here in Ohio, those of us who have jobs should be happy we have them.
    THere is no amount of money that could get me to work as a cashier at a gas station, especially in your area.

  3. You can look at this two ways.

    You now have a different job and your pay should therefore be renegotiated based on your new job description. So…schedule a meeting with your boss and make your case.

    However, if you do that, they may say they are a non-profit and have no budget for professional web design and eliminate your position (or have the next receptionist wanna-be web designer take your place). Then again, maybe they will realize how effective your work is and that fund-raising has been more successful with your marketing materials – and they’ll reward you with a significant increase. 🙂

    In any case, you did get a small raise in a bad economy and you are getting some good experience that will look nice on a resume and help you get a better job in the future.

    AND you’re doing something you enjoy at an agency who’s purpose you believe in instead of working nights at the gas station hoping not to be robbed at gunpoint.

    You might not have it that bad? 🙂

    But seriously…you’ve got to make your case if you want more money. You’ve got to ask for what you want. It’s hard, but it’s good practice as people who know how to do it generally get paid more than those who avoid it. 🙂

  4. I agree with Fleet Tec, when you look at it as a percentage, 3% is pretty damn good in today’s economy. My company (export) gives 3-4% in a “good” year, and this year we’re getting nothing and are glad to still have jobs.

  5. How much do they like you? If you feel pretty confident that they do not want to lose you, then I would say something. People get paid thousands to design websites. You are getting pocket change.

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