5 thoughts on “Is there any good to great free website design software available?”

  1. The following will allow you to pick an editor or coice of how to make your own pages…


    Free HTML Editors, Web Editors, and WYSIWYG Web Editors and Site Builders:
    HTML Editor Reviews – http://www.wdvl.com/Reviews/HTML/
    Free Online Editor Tool: http://htmledit.squarefree.com/
    Free Flash Website Builder (Online): http://www.wix.com/
    PageBreeze (Free visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes): http://www.pagebreeze.com/

    Serif WebPlus SE: http://myrtc.blogspot.com/2009/08/review-serif-webplus-se.html
    Why Validate?: http://validator.w3.org/docs/why.html

    Download Trellian WebPage (Free): http://www.trellian.com/webpage/download.htm
    WebSketch: http://www.websketch.com/

    Create a free website with Jimdo!: http://www.jimdo.com/

    The web address should change at all if you have been assigned a sub-domain name. If it is a paid hosting service, then it will not change for sure. You just need to either overwrite any files of the same name, make any new folder names for the files you plan to use and upload the entire set of files is the same relationship as you made them on your computer so as not to break any paths.


  2. Is your website commercial or personal based? Most web hosting today gives you the option of creating a website for free. and most of them have pretty good built in templates in the system.

    If it is personal, then you can play with it yourself. But if commercial, it may be worth to spend $200 to get a professional web designer. Also, if commercial, you will need more than a beautiful website to drive clientele. See “SEO” on your yahoo search.

    Also, as long as you have your domain name, you can point it anywhere you want. If you have have email set up etc..make sure you change the MMX records otherwise all emails will be lost when you switch to a different hosting company

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