Question by Jonathan Seagull: Is the creation of life eternal and infinite ?
What do you think of the book “Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers”?

What if, out of the thousands of UFO sightings that occur each year, one person actually met the occupant – the “driver” of one of these UFOs? And what if this person were given information by this space-being that explained the secret history of life on Earth and its pending future? And, what if all this information had been published decades ago and acknowledged by thousands of people, including scientists and historians?
Wouldn’t you want to read such a book?

If you have questions to be answered about our parents from space, this Web site gives you the opportunity to read for yourself the extraordinary “Message” that comes from beyond the stars…free .pdf ebook

Read most of the book for more info or answer with less knowledge on the subject I love you anyways.

Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers
Years ago, everybody knew that the earth was flat, everybody knew that the sun revolved around the earth, and today everybody knows that life on earth is either the result of random evolution or the work of a supernatural God. Or is it? In “Message from the Designers”, Rael presents us with the vast amount of information that he received during his UFO encounters in 1973 – a third option: all life on earth having been created by advanced scientists from another world.
@ Chris “Aliens are not true”… cause there are no photos, hundreds of thousands of eye witness accounts including army, navy, airport, and many other professionals from around the globe. Yet “god” is true cause it is invisible and non-existent? yah, right

@ Gary B er, no thats not Raelians.
Raelians are non-violent and believe in becoming aware of all the beauty our 5 senses that we have been designed to experience.

suicide is only ok when the person is in extreme pain (and no other options) and the person chooses so.
@ Csaba
The creation of life eternal and infinite.
@ Csaba
The creation of life IS eternal and infinite.
Just as reality is infinite: the better our tools get to see, the more of the universe (big & small) is revealed to us. Our reality in the present is infinite in time and space…

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
“Aliens” are not true.

The truth about death is that death brings immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether you believed in JESUS for His free gift of salvation, or not. There is no second chance to be saved, after death.

Heaven is eternal joy with the Lord! 😀

The lake of fire is eternal separation from God, eternal torment, and eternal corruption. Nobody has to be sent to the lake of fire.

So to be in heaven and not in hell, believe in Jesus for salvation RIGHT NOW!

Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so very much! 😀 And the Trinity is true!

The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to hell, is by believing in JESUS for His free gift of eternal life in heaven, believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for all our sins as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe in Jesus for His free gift of salvation, and you will be in heaven, no matter what!

Salvation is a FREE GIFT that happens in a split second when you believe in JESUS for His free gift of salvation! It is impossible to lose or “leave” salvation (John 6:39-40, John 10:28, 1 John 5:13).

Please pray now: “Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross to pay for my sins and that You rose from the dead, and I thank You for eternal life!” You will be in heaven with Him forever when you die! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Is the creation of life eternal and infinite ?”

  1. It is had to take seriously a book from the “Raelians”, who thought they needed to kill themselves in order to “meet” the UFO that was supposedly hiding behind Haley’s Comet.

    I prefer to listen to Stephen Hawkings, who says that we need to leave the aliens alone, before the attack us!

    Probably eat us, too. I know that >I< am always hungry after a long journey, even when we carry snacks.

  2. In the “Theology of the Body” by John Paul II … we use the language of body language to help us find divinity. Since we are created in His image we have two parts to look at: male & female. The male can conceptually have creation his whole life. However, the female cannot create when she’s young, or old. So this tells us that the blend of the two will limit the infinite creation process.

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