I need to send an e-mail with jpg files in it…?

Question by Kristina: I need to send an e-mail with jpg files in it…?
I need to send an e-mail that i’ve “designed” in microsoft word with pictures and formatted text via a webmail type of thing through the company i work for, it’s very limited in options for the e-mail, i select the offices that i want to send it to, type a subject, and i can type in the body of the email and attach pictures, but i want the photos to show up in the body of the email, rather than as an attachment – how is this possible? i also have access to uploading something to the company website? I have unsuccessfully done it, but people have received the email with all the coding in the body, rather than the photos and formatted type. thank you for your help in advance!!

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Answer by yoonixa
The reason they’re getting the incription is because you’ve sent an image with all that excess baggage. I suggest you save the image or convert the image into a jpg. file or there is a shortcut to doing this, your keyboard has got a shortcut that allows you to snap a photo of your screen. Send that picture instead. Ultimately, designing graphics with a programme like Illustrator will make life a lot easier. They allow you to save your image for web. Good Luck!

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