Question by Faby: I need some help on this please…………?
Hello Im working on updating my website, but for some reason when I check it I cant see some images??? just a plain box with a little x. Can you tell me if you can see it fine?

Its a fashion / clothing website
The wesbite is:

Then click on “Custom Iron-On Designs”
Then click on “Click Here To Fill Out A Custom Quote Form”

and see if you can see the rhinestone colors and fonts pictures….

I really appreciate it!!!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by yourstruly17
looks fine to me =]

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7 thoughts on “I need some help on this please…………?”

  1. i can see everything just fine. looks very nice too. u might want to check if u have a blocking thing that blocks certain pics for a reason…that once happened to my friend. u could also try restarting ur computer. and this is the wrong section for this by the way

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