Question by Max: I need a Pro Web Designer & Resume Writer for something I’m starting. (Freelance, etc)?
OKAY, so I’m trying to start a business through my website & I want to have a web designer (someone who knows flash, javascript, & all the bells & whistles) … I’m a web designer, but my skills are mostly limited to CSS & HTML right now, lol… ANYWAY, I want “one of those” on call and a professional resume writer…

Know any resources? Like where I could find them?

My project involves bringing in business to them with the option of site & resume “design” as a feature on what I’m doing…

Anywho, if there are any sites (or people already, lol) … …. basically any way to find “just the right person/people” for this little thing I’m starting up, lol (I don’t care if the web designer & resume writer are the same person or not, I could use 2 people, I could use 1, I don’t really care)

SO ANYWAY, any suggestions?

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Answer by Syed Mushahid ALi
well i am Web Desinger For Any More Information Contact me @ [email protected]

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  1. post your stuff up on Elancer, its much like ebay ecept people post to get the job. you get to pick aswell.

  2. I agree, you need to post this job in a job related website.

    No one is going to commit because it only states basic information. You need to explain the pay, benefits of why they would want to work for you.

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