How to run a web design company?

Concern by BW: How to run a web design organization?
I am preparing on beginning a web design organization, and I am receiving some personnel together to aid out. I am arranging on how I want every thing, and I just want more data on operating one particular, so I will not make a blunder when operating 1.

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Response by mactechgeek
You need to get some pcs and all the engineering like Dreamweaver or some form of HTML Edittor. Then you require to get some know-now and then some consumers to perform with.

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  1. I run a part time webdesigning company. You need dreamweaver. Its the BEST. You can get it for free. Here I will email you the link when you email me. I do not just want to post it out to the whole world. I could do some webdesigning for you. I really dont want the money. You can do all this for free and get the good money. This what you do. Make there site in dreamweaver. Save it. And then go to upload the site you made in dreamweaver and you will see that the web address will be To change that just go to and sign up and there you go. If you need any help on dreamweaver or creating a site or anything just email me. [email protected] And if you really want the FREE DreamWeaver you have to email me and give me proof that you are you. So Good Luck!

  2. To run a web design company you need to create a website and for that you need a domain and webhosting.As an experienced webmaster I recommend purchase your domain and webhosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some webhosting companies offer this as a gift . I use bluehost webhosting for my websites I was a newbie a while back ,I have an excellent experience with Bluehost webhosting.I have called them several times for configuring my SQL database and some php stuff and every time they have solved my problems . Apart from that they also have a pretty straight foward control panel that I use daily.

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