Question by Em M: How to hide a scrollbar for webpage?
i’m working on a web page with my friend and we would like to find out how to completely hide a scroll bar in the web page. We have a DIV overflow, and basically, we want it completely hidden so that you can see the words in the scroll bar scrolling, but we want the scroll bars to completely disappear. i’ve seen it done, but we really can’t find any useful website on that.

Can anyone help us out?

If you need an example of a web page that has the scroll the way we want it, Click on this link:

Then go to “Select a design”, and then go to the bottom and click on “Next designs” and then when the page loads, go to where the designs are again, and click on “Retro Theatre”. You’ll automatically see what i mean with the scroll.

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Answer by 2008
Press F11 key

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  1. At a quick glance at the source, that “screen” is a frame. Look at the source and the CSS (Firefox with Firebug makes that simple) to see exactly how it’s done.

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